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The Brownley Law Group is not a big imposing law firm. Rather, we're a small group of dedicated professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, with a personal interest in special education, and a genuine desire to help other parents of children with learning disabilities. 

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Bill Brownley is a successful attorney with extensive experience in all forms of negotiation and trial work. He has served as general counsel to a number of public and private corporations, including Telos, The Financial News Network (now CNBC), United Press International, and The Learning Channel. Bill has been working in Special Education law for over 10 years. Over those years he has successfully handled numerous special education matters from eligibility issues to due process cases and discipline matters. He has lectured and written extensively on Special Education law and advocacy. Bill believes in a cooperative but results oriented relationship with school districts whenever school districts show a willingness to work with the child's needs as the primary focus, and this has served to bring many matters to successful and economic conclusions for children and parents with special needs. 

Vanessa Brownley is the senior and managing advocate for the Brownley Law Group. She has practiced as an advocate all over the state of Virginia and has successfully represented numerous children with special needs of all types. In addition to advocating, she has lectured extensively on many Special Education topics. She has also provided at the request of COPAA (the Council of Parents, Advocates, and Attorneys, perhaps the major Special Education organization that includes parents) a three day training seminar for beginning advocates all across the United States. She is highly regarded as an expert in both special education and negotiation. 

You're encouraged to contact Bill and Vanessa directly to discuss your situation or ask any questions you might have.




Brownley Law Group was
formed after personal
experience with special
education issues. 
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