From the desk of 
Bill Brownley


Our son John had difficulty learning to read. His first grade teacher said it was simply developmental and that, like many other children, he was progressing at his own rate. We assumed this was true and did not seek any assistance or testing for John.

By second grade, it was obvious there was something more going on. John began falling further behind his peers. The school reading specialist insisted John was “lazy.” That was hardly the case, as we knew John was bright and hard working. Fortunately the classroom teacher agreed with our concerns and recommended testing. 

John was diagnosed with dyslexia.

We were upset and relieved at the same time. Upset that he had a disability, but relieved that it was identified and thus could be remedied. We assumed that the school system would now step up to its mandate and deliver specialized, tailored education programs to really help us. After all, under the law every child is entitled to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

Time Is Of The Essence

In reality, the school system did not have the proper resources or personnel. They could neither develop nor deliver the kind of education plan John needed. After a great deal of time, effort and expense on our part -- working with the school, the Special Education Department, and private tutors -- we finally realized what John needed to succeed in school. 

We removed John from public school and placed him in a private school for the type of specialized education he needed. We then began negotiating with our public school system for payment of John’s education. Since our local public system could not provide appropriate services for our child, it was required to pay for a FAPE to be delivered at an alternate school. 

Ultimately we reached a successful agreement, and along the way, learned a lot. 

We are educated, highly motivated parents. Yet it took three years to learn exactly what we needed to do to secure the right education for our child. If we had known then what we know now, John would not have essentially lost three critical years in the process.

The Need For Help

Our local schools are overall very good. However, they are typically set up to provide a great “one size fits all” education. Unfortunately, resources for Special Education can be limited and difficult to access. Many education professionals are not trained to accommodate students with special needs.

Parents have to understand early on they need to become the advocates and managers of their children’s special education.

We recognized this area of need and saw the need for something a little different, as well.
Our goal is simple: to offer parents an affordable way to navigate the muddy waters of Special Education. 
In addition, we serve as a link to professional resources, if needed. 

We went through the process ourselves. We know how daunting it can seem and hope that you will benefit from our experience and expertise. We want to help others achieve what’s best for their children, so that everyone has a fair opportunity to reach for the highest of goals.