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School Suspension and Expulsion Law Services

Over the years the Brownley Law Group has represented many children in school suspension and expulsion matters. Our experience is both deep and broad. We have represented children:

  • with disabilities and without disabilities 

  • in front of school boards, local courts, school specific teams, and in front of school disciplinary hearing officers. 

  • all over the state of Virginia-from Virginia Beach to Roanoke and points in between.

Many parents are not aware of what their children's rights are with regard to school matters, and a school suspension or expulsion can have profound effects on a child's future. 

Under today's "zero tolerance" rules, many children have been unfairly accused and punished for actions that they did not do or that school officials misinterpreted. Don't let your child become a victim of a system that very often operates with little concern for or sympathy towards individuals. 

We know your child's rights, and we can help you and your child navigate the maze of school discipline successfully. Let us defend your child-and help protect his future.


Disciplinary issues cause parents and children to be anxious and deeply concerned about the future. When there is no time to waste we begin representation with an initial phone call instead of mandating an office visit, moving quickly to gather information and start preparations on your child's behalf.

Many parents may have limited financial resources, so we always attempt to control costs and expenditures on behalf of the parents. We use a number of strategies to do this, including occasionally having parents actively work in case preparation. We can also offer fixed-fee arrangements in certain circumstances.

If your child is removed from school, we have a network of professionals in education that can help get things back on track.

Finally, we offer legal coaching to parents to help them prepare for hearings themselves. A parent may not want, need, or perhaps be able to afford the cost of an attorney to be present at a hearing, but still wants help in preparing for their child's case. Preparation can make all the difference between success and failure.

Don't let your child become a victim or a statistic.
Call us.
We can help.



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