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The Brownley Law Group offers a choice of highly trained and fully qualified  Special Education Advocates and Educational Consultants to help you whether you are struggling to get the right IEP (Individualized Education Program) in place for your child or trying to determine which schools or educational programs would be best suited for your child. 

We have carefully chosen Advocates that have the education, training, and practical experience to help you navigate effectively through the difficult world of special education. Many of them have been involved with special education for most of their lives, or have kids with special education needs themselves. You can be sure they will provide you with effective, efficient and caring support.

Our Advocates are well versed in reading and analyzing test scores, reports and IEPs, and then applying that knowledge to help achieve the best possible education for your child. Our Advocates are familiar with the school culture, both public and private, and can help guide you through difficulties with a school, or help to choose the school that may be right for your child.

Our Advocates are also well informed regarding the local professionals in such fields as Testing, Speech and Language, Visual and Auditory Processing, Neuro-psychology, and Occupational Therapy. They can help you select the right professionals to help you with your child.

Advocates can be very effective during conferences where it would heighten tension and animosity to have an attorney present, but you need to have someone on your side. All of our Advocates are expert at seeking and obtaining positive results in contentious and sometimes hostile situations. They always keep their poise and their main goal in mind - the best results for your child.

Please contact us if you feel you need an Advocate, and we will match our Advocates to your needs. Our Advocates share our passion, let them help you seek the solutions you need.



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