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Case Analysis and Review is far and away our most popular Special Education Law service as it offers parents outstanding value.

First, we will need to schedule an initial meeting with you at our office. Typically, this meeting (case analysis) lasts for two hours. During that time, an attorney will discuss with you the most appropriate course of action to get what you need for your child from the school. 

You can also ask any questions you may have during this time. The attorney will discuss with you the law that you should be aware in your specific case, and their professional legal opinion of your case. 

Before the meeting, you should send us copies (do not send originals) of all of the following documents:

  • Current IEP and the past two IEPs if available. Include any other official documents from the school, such as Eligibility documents for Prior Written Notices, for example. 

  • All testing (psychological, educational, speech, OT, PT, etc. that you may have).

  • Current progress reports (report cards, interims, data books, etc.).

  • Any correspondence relevant to your case (e-mail, letters to and from school faculty).

  • Parent narrative. This is important as it gives us a good idea of an outline of your child's educational history. Please include what you hope to achieve for your child through working with us. Also include home address (and a billing address if that is different than your home), best phone numbers to contact you (home, cell, etc.), and your preferred e-mail address. 

  • Fee. A $650 check made payable to The Brownley Law Group should be included with your information files. If you prefer to use a major credit card we can process that payment for you for a small additional fee.

Whenever possible, we would prefer your documents to be arranged in the above described first five sections, and in chronological order.

The turnaround time from the day we receive your files and the day of the Case Analysis meeting is typically about one week.

In preparation for the initial meeting, the attorney will review your file for approximately two hours. This review time is included in the flat rate fee of $650 for the case analysis. Thus, parents receive approximately 4-5 hours of an attorney's time for less than half of the normal rate. 

After the meeting, you may decide that you wish to retain the Brownley Law Group. This can be discussed at the Case Analysis or after the meeting when you have given it some thought.

Special Education. This is our passion. We are here to help. Contact us today for an appointment.



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