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Our entry level Starter Services are a great way to get on track without large recurring attorney's fees, and may actually help you avoid paying such fees in the future. They include:

   1 "Let's Get Going!" group seminars
   2 IEP
(Individualized Education Program) Review and Comment

1. Let's Get Going!  If you are relatively new to special education, it can be intimidating and bewildering. We offer the Let's Get Going! session for a group  (10 or more) in order to get started in the right direction. Attendees receive the following:
   An explanation of the overall special education process.
   An overview of individual rights under various State and Federal laws.
   Tips on effective and efficient record keeping.
   Tips on reading and understanding test scores and how to use them.
   IEP training.
   Tactics and strategies for successful negotiation with schools.
   Take home materials to help parents stay on the right track.

2. IEP Review and Comment  The IEP is perhaps the most important single document in your child's education. It represents the agreement with your school as to your child's educational plan and how that plan will be implemented and measured. If you have an IEP, we will review it and meet with you to provide:
   Comments to improve or amplify your IEP
   Effective measuring tools
   Tactics and strategies to help you get your IEP changed if necessary

Special Education. This is our passion. Contact us today for an more information.



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