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Bill Brownley

Bill Brownley is a proven attorney with extensive experience, adept in all forms of negotiation and trial work. He has served as general counsel to many public and private corporations, including Telos, The Financial News Network (now CNBC), United Press International, and The Learning Channel. Over the last 15 years, Bill has focused exclusively on Special Education and has successfully handled numerous special education matters ranging from eligibility issues to due process cases and discipline matters.  He has placed children in public and private school settings, including residential placements when necessary.

Bill has lectured, delivered seminars and written extensively on Special Education law and advocacy. He strives to establish a cooperative, but results-oriented relationship with school districts, expecting them to show a willingness to work with the child’s needs as the primary focus. This approach has served to bring many matters to successful and economic conclusions for special needs children and their parents.  If school districts are unwilling to support the child’s needs as the leading focus, he is well versed in alternative measures that can bring the child’s needs back to the forefront of a school districts concerns.  Bill believes that all children are entitled to a free and appropriate education, and looks forward to helping you and your child get the assistance they deserve.

Vanessa Brownley

Vanessa Brownley is the senior and managing advocate for the Brownley Law Group. As a leading advocate with over 15 years of experience, she has successfully represented numerous children with special needs of all types throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and as far north as Vermont, as far south as Florida, and as far west as Illinois. Additionally, she has lectured extensively on many Special Education topics. She has also provided, at the request of national organizations, multi-day training seminars for beginning advocates across the United States. Her expertise and knowledge make her a highly regarded and sought-after specialist in both special education and negotiation.

Vanessa is passionate about education and believes deeply that each child is entitled to the education they need, as an individual, to be successful in school and in life.  Vanessa crafts individual educational plans that work well in public school settings, but has also placed numerous children at private day and private residential school settings, at the school’s expense, when that is what a child needs.  Vanessa works to develop a personal, caring relationship with each of her clients, and is committed to securing a bright future for all special needs children.

Carolyn Buscemi

As a graduate Marymount University with a degree in Counseling, Carolyn Buscemi worked with families in need as a counselor and case manager. Taking time off while her children were young, she returned to work in higher education as a professor and advisor. Through working with children within the special education system, she understands the potential long term educational implications of receiving appropriate foundational services.

John Frye

A former teacher for over 30 years in Fairfax County schools, John Frye has been an advocate and consultant for Brownley Law Group since 2006. In addition to his BA in Education from the College of William and Mary and his Masters of Education in Reading, Curriculum and Supervision of Instruction from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, John attained post graduate accreditation in both general and special education from a variety of area schools including University of Virginia, Marymount University, and George Mason University. During his time as a public-school classroom teacher, John was involved with the instruction and supervision of many special needs students. He also participated in the creation and implementation of many IEPs.

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